Chose an affirmation from the list ('Life is a gift and I am grateful', for example) and repeat it over and over to yourself. You don't have to say it out loud and there are advantages to repeating it mentally. If thoughts intrude or you forget to repeat it gently return to the affirmaiton and start repeating it again. If you are familiar with meditation you can contemplate the affirmation, or if you know self hypnosis you can go into trance and use it as a hypnotic self-suggestion.

Repeat: 'I can think and act from a place of balance'

Repeat: 'I make the most of every moment'

Repeat: 'I am awake and each moment is new'

Repeat: 'I forgive myself and live free of regret'

Repeat: 'I am my own light, I am my own way'

Repeat: 'With every breath I am more centered and effective'

Repeat: 'I can do what I need to do'

Repeat:: 'I occupy my own space'

Repeat: 'I welcome opportunity and change'

Repeat: 'I am aware that I am aware'

Repeat: 'I choose a life abundant'

Repeat: 'I take steps for better health'

Repeat: 'I invest awareness in a happier self'

Repeat: 'I gather my energies into this moment'